SuperHD HDF Board

Meet India’s No. 1 high density board. Aesthetically minimal but functionally robust, Everest SuperHD are everything you need for your next project. Not only are these HDF boards lighter in comparison to traditional construction material, they also offer more strength with less thickness. Durable, pre-finished and easier to install, reduce the construction period of your project considerably with this heavy duty cement board.

Features and Advantages of SuperHD Heavy Duty Boards

Here’s a look at all the features that make Everest SuperHD the right fit for your next project.

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Impact Resistant
Heavy duty walls with stands high wind pressure

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Fire Resistant
Superior Fire Performance (A2-s1-d0)

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Moisture Resistant
<30%, Perfect for wet and high moisture areas

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Weather Resistant
Superior building shield against heat, wind and rain

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High density compressed board, >1450 kg/m3

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Unplanned Loading
Point load >45 kg

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Perfect for flooring substrates up to 1000 kg/sqm

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Termite Proof
100% termite-free HDF board

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Less Carpentry
Dry-fixing enabling minimal resource utilisation

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Sound Insulation
Acoustic system solution up to 33dB

Applications of SuperHD HDF Board

Explore the various applications of our sturdy, high density cement boards.

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SuperHD Board - Technical Details

Everest pre-finished superhd board: 2
Everest high density superhd board: 3
Everest pre-finished superhd board: 4
Everest pre-finished superhd board: 2 Everest high density superhd board: 3 Everest pre-finished superhd board: 4
Description Unit Standard Everest HD Board
Product Dimensions mm   2440 X 1220 in 6, 9, 12 and 15 mm thickness
Type   IS 14862:2000 A
Category   IS 14862:2000 4
Apparent Density kg/m3 ASTM C 1185 >1450
Modulus of Rupture (in wet condition) MPa ASTM C 1185 >14
Modulus of Rupture (at EMC) MPa ASTM C 1185 >18
Direct Screw Withdrawl Strength N ASTM D 1037 >1750
Modulus of Elasticity MPa EN 12467 ≥4000
Thermal Conductivity at 50°C (Mean Temperature) W/mk ASTM C 518 0.22
Water Absorption %   <26


Fire Resistance Properties
Reaction to Fire EN 13501: Part-1 A2-s1-d0*
Combustibility BS 476- Part IV Non-Combustible
Fire Propagation Index BS-476, Part VI Pass
Surface Spread of Flame BS-476, Part VII Class 1- Doesn’t Spread Fire
*Non Combustible with no smoke and no fire droplets

SuperHD Boards Projects

Watch our heavy duty cement boards in action.

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What are SuperHD Boards made of?

Everest SuperHD Boards are made of cement, cellulose fibre, silica, fly ash, and other additives.

How is Super HD Board better than ply, particle board, gypsum, etc?

Heavy Duty Boards are a superior choice compared to ply, particle board, and gypsum board because of their advantageous features such as moisture and water resistance, fire resistance, termite proof, dimensional stability, impact resistance, thermal & acoustic insulation efficiency, and eco-friendliness. It has the potential to be a facilitator for different treatments or coatings that can be applied on the board surface.

How will the installation process of the board be carried out?

Everest HDF boards can either be mounted directly on the wall or onto a framework. Steel screws and nylon sleeves are necessary to fix the board directly to the wall, whereas Everest Fibre Cement Screws can be used for attaching it to a framework.

Are Super HD Boards environmentally friendly?

Yes, it is an eco-friendly, GreenPro-certified product that can be used in GRIHA-registered projects and by members of the IGBC. By using the product, we earn 23 GRIHA Points and 4 LEED Points, which are required for a Platinum-rated building project

Is high density cement board toxic?

Our HDFboard is non-toxic. It is an environmentally friendly, GreenPro-certified HD board.

What is the price of HDF boards at Everest Industries?

The price of Everest heavy-duty cement boards depends on the size and scale of your project. Get in touch with us to get an exact quote at 1800 4191 991 toll-free. You can also email us at boardsandpanels@everestind.com.

What are high-density fibre cement boards used for?

High-density fibre cement boards are used for exterior cladding, facade systems, roofing, interior wall cladding, floor underlayment, soffits, eaves and partition walls. Their durability, weather resistance, and fire-resistant properties make them versatile in various construction applications.


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