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Innovative thinking begins at Everest. Every step we take stems from an eco-friendly, efficient and forward-thinking philosophy. Our fibre cement-based building products challenge the age-old use of brick and mortar. These materials are much lighter and a lot more durable, they are easier to install and thus reduce the construction period considerably.

Versatile, robust and long-lasting, our environment-friendly products are perfect for a wide range of interior and exterior applications such as drywall partition, and cladding & facades. Our products are manufactured using high-pressure steam curing (HPSC) which provides them superior strength, durability and resistance against weathering. Our range of new-age fibre cement board building products enables strong, light and rapid construction across residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

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Why choose Everest Fibre Cement Boards and Panels?

Green Materials

An Endeavour To Save The Planet

Low carbon footprint – Greenpro Certified
Clean Material
Recyclable - Upto 35% recycled content
Saves water - upto 60% during construction
Dry Construction – Contributes to 30% less pollution
Excellent Relocatability – 60% materials can be salvaged

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How long does Everest fibre cement board last?

Everest fibre cement boards are long-lasting and durable. They have a longer lifespan than other construction materials such as HPL, ACP, natural wood or stone.

What is the maximum size of Everest fibre cement panel?

The size of our fibre cement panels depends on the individual products. You can check out our product technical details for more info.

How thick is Everest fibre cement board?

The thickness of our fibre cement panels depends on the individual products. You can check out our product technical details for more info.

Is Everest fibre cement board flexible?

No, Everest fibre cement boards are rigid in order to lend strength to the structure and avoid cracking and sagging.

Will the fibre cement board be available in my area?

Everest fibre cement boards are available pan-India. Check at a local dealer near you.

I want a fibre cement board dealership in my area. When and how can I start?

Everest has a vast network of dealers across India. For inquiries on how to start your own dealership, you can call our toll-free number: 1800-4191-991.

What is a cement board used for?

Cement board is a robust construction material widely used in construction. It can be used for a wide range of interior and exterior applications, including drywall partitions, and cladding & facades.

What is the price of cement boards at Everest Industries?

The price of our cement boards depends entirely on the size and scale of your project. Get in touch with us to get an exact quote at 1800 4191 991 toll-free. You can also email us at boardsandpanels@everestind.com.


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