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Since 1934 Everest has been a leading provider of building materials to architects, designers, and engineers. With our expertise and commitment to excellent quality, we deliver completely customized solutions. It is our goal to establish long-term valuable relationships with our clients.

Over the course of our operations, we have constructed multiple structures across multiple geographies. As a company, we operate with a strong sense of work ethic, pride, and integrity, continually expanding our skills.

Designed for smart interiors, our products offer unparalleled quality, aesthetics, style, and durability. In addition to their long lifespan, stability, and hazard-free properties, Everest's products are resistant to fire, water, and termites, making them ideal for use in construction.

We constantly work towards breaking new ground so we can deliver unparalleled services with Everest products. With Everest, modern construction materials are sustainable and environmentally friendly, and allow new aesthetic possibilities to be explored. Through all aspects of our business, our mission is to reimagine spaces based on our core values of Respect, Excellence, and Integrity (REI) and this has helped us to evovlve into a new-age building solutions provider.

Everest offers a comprehensive range of roofing, ceiling, wall, flooring, and cladding solutions and pre-engineered steel buildings for industrial, commercial, and residential requirements. Over 1,00,000 villages and 600 cities in India and more than 35 countries globally use our building products and solutions.


Dealer Outlets





Sales Depots



Journey so far

Incorporation as an asbestos
roofing company



Equity publicity listed



Introduced non-asbestos roofing sheets and fibre cement boards



Established R&D Centre



Initialised exports of boards



Introduced Hi-tech roofing with
HIPP technology



Launch Rapicon walls
(Solid wall panels)



Building (PEB) Division



Launched cement planks & Smart



Launched Metal
Roofing Sheets



Awarded with the
Limca Book of Records
for fastest construction in India



Emerged as one of the largest
companies in India



Launch of India’s 1st coloured Cement
Roofing Sheet “Everest Super Colour”



Launch of premium Arte Series
with Artewood



Rebranding of Everest with
new positioning of REIMAGINE



Everest has a new home in
Andheri, Mumbai



Launch of our Brand new product



Innovation has a new address
Everest Innovation Centre, Mumbai


Vision of Everest Industries Limited


Everest's journey has been impressive, spanning over 89 years, and marked with many milestones that show our commitment to growth. In 2020, we embarked on another transformational journey, impacting our people, processes, and products, with a new brand positioning of Reimagine. This powerful notion has been a game-changer, giving us the chance to re-evaluate our industry and come up with innovative solutions that can bring value for everyone involved - investors, employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and the communities we operate in. With this in mind, we have come up with a vision for Everest.

"To Improve People’s Lives By Reimagining Spaces"


Our Values

At Everest, we believe in continuing growth through innovation and high performance, but equally that exceptional results should be achieved in a way that's consonant with our core values.

These values are non-negotiable; they are a way of life at Everest, deeply etched into our people’s hearts and minds. We judge all our actions by these values, and demonstrate them in action every day at Everest.


To care for and value all people, regardless of their position, race or gender.

  • To care for the interests of the company as your own, so your every word and action reflects it.
  • To respect and protect the environment withevery decision you make.


To continually raise the bar beyond the expected in everything you do.

  • To deliver with speed and innovation.
  • Excellence is an outcome of sincerity, passion and an inner commitment to succeed.


To live by your word to customers, colleagues and your business partners.

  • To act with honesty, fairness and transparency.
  • To follow the law in letter and in spirit.
  • To do the right thing, even when no one is looking.


As a result of our commitment to respect, excellence, and integrity, we take care of social and environmental concerns, risks, and opportunities when designing and developing products and services. Our sustainable process ensures that products are manufactured responsibly with minimal environmental impact and minimize environmental and social impact. We use fly ash from thermal power plants as a raw material in our ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified plants.

In our well-established waste management and recycling processes, we produce about 1.5 to 2 percent of the pulp from non-asbestos fibre cement roofs (Hitech) from waste and about 7 to 10 percent from fly ash generated by thermal power plants. In fiber cement boards, we use fly ash from 15 to 30%, recycled waste from 2 to 3%, and recycled pulp from 3 to 4%. The plant recycles 100% of its green waste.

  • Zero

  • Waste

  • Air quality

  • Energy

  • Reusing
    industrial waste

  • Solar Powered


Board of Directors


Manufacturing Facilities

Experience the awe-inspiring Everest Foundation Film that captures how we give back to the society and communities we operate in.


As part of Everest Foundation's commitment to enhance the living conditions and livelihoods of the rural community, the Foundation focused on preventive healthcare, training and skill building, sports promotion, and community building in rural areas in 2020-22. Consequently, Everest targeted business locations as potential areas for community intervention in order to engage and utilize organizational resources for community development initiatives. Disadvantaged and deprived communities also were identified as potential beneficiaries.

Vision Statement

To improve people’s lives by creating sustainable impact through community relationship, long-term partnership and employee engagement in the thematic areas of Livelihood, Education, Health and Environment in the communities we operate in.

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