We Are Everest Industries

But at one time, we were also

Asbestos Cement Ltd.

3rd Apr 1934 to 24th Oct 1983

Everest Building Product Ltd.

24th Oct 1983 to 19th Sep 1990

Eternit Everest Ltd.

19th Sep 1990 to 25th July 2003

Everest Industries Ltd.

25th July 2003 onwards

Throughout the years, through 4 name changes, 8 plants and 35 countries, Everest Industries has stood tall as a leading building material manufacturer.

We’ve put a roof over India’s head, built the ground they stand on, and constructed walls that shelter their dreams and aspirations. Step into our story as we recall every milestone.

1934: The Birth of Cement Sheets in Kymore, M.P.

Central Vista Avenue in New Delhi - Integrated Everest - Everest Industries Ltd.
The Year of Beginnings

It all began in Kymore, Madhya Pradesh, in 1934. We entered the roofing space with a unique vision and an innovative product at hand, asbestos cement sheets. These sheets were renowned for their excellent resistance to fire, chemicals and heat. In fact, we were the first to manufacture asbestos roofing sheets in India, creating a name for ourselves as pioneers in the industry

Our Journey of Growth Across India

Expanding Our Footprint

Our plant in Kymore was just the beginning, over the next few years we expanded rapidly, establishing

  1. Calcutta Works, Kolkata 1938;

  2. Podanur Works, Tamil Nadu 1953;

  3. Lakhmapur Works, Maharashtra 1994;

  4. Bhagwanpur Works, Uttarakhand 2007;

  5. Somnathpur Works, Odisha 2012;

  6. Narmada Works, Gujarat 2014;

  7. Mysore Works, Chamrajnagar, Karnataka 2024 (Our New Plant)

1980: Dara Singh and Everest - A Timeless Collaboration

Everest Sheets Jo Barso Chale
Everest Sheets Jo Barso Chale

The 1980s saw our iconic collaboration with Dara Singh. The renowned wrestler and actor appeared in one of our digital ads that ran on Doordarshan. The catchy jingle from this ad has stuck around in viewers' minds over the years. Just like our products, this ad has turned into a timeless classic, jo rahe beasar, ho koi bhi mausam.

1994: Expanding Horizons with Innovative Board and Panel Solutions

Raising New Walls

Roofing had sustained us for over 60 years, we had perfected our craft and made our mark, now it was time to set off to new horizons.

We launched our boards and panel solutions in 1994, focusing on non-asbestos and eco-friendly products. Our fibre cement solutions spanned from cladding and facade work to internal partitions.

2008: Steeling the Spotlight – Leading the Way to PEB

Transforming India's Construction

Roofs, walls, flooring, we had it all covered, now what next?

It was 2008 and pre-engineered buildings were taking India by storm. While the benefits of this technology were gathering recognition, there was still some hesitancy in adapting to the new innovation. We stepped in to shape this industry, with our 100% Made in India pre-engineered solutions. From then to now, we’ve come a long way, with over 3500 PEB projects under our wing.

2017: Introducing Everest Supercolour

A Pop of Colour
A Pop of Colour

Have you ever seen a birds-eye view of India? The emerald greens and still waters are speckled all over with dots of stone-cold grey. We decided it was time to change this drab landscape and add a pop of colour to India’s roofs. Which is why we launched Everest Supercolour, the nation's first coloured roofing sheet.

Supercolour now comes in 4 snappy colours to brighten up your project, red, green, yellow and blue. But that’s not all, we had one more card up our sleeve.

2020: Unveiling Everest's Central Philosophy

Spaces Reimagined

In 2020 we did some inward thinking. We already had hundreds of projects and an extensive range of products under our belt, but we needed something to tie it all together. A central philosophy to rule them all. So, we asked ourselves one simple question,

What does Everest actually stand for?

The answer was clear. With every project we undertook, we had a singular objective. To give new life to every space, driven by the power of our imagination.

And thus, Reimagined Spaces was born. It encapsulates our position as a new-age building material provider, whose vision is to improve people’s lives by creating the spaces of tomorrow.

2023: Introducing Everest Evercool

Garmi ki No Entry
Garmi ki No Entry

The year is 2023 and India has had one of the hottest years ever recorded. A major intervention was needed, and we rose to the occasion. Enter Everest Evercool, designed to bring a breath of fresh air into your home. This cool roofing sheet can reduce your indoor temperatures by up to 7°C. Hot summers don’t seem so bad when you’re keeping it cool with Everest.

2023: Everest Innovation Center Inauguration

Everest's R&D Milestones

As we grew our manufacturing prowess, we also took major leaps toward research and development, with research facilities at Kymore and Mumbai.

In 1981, we launched our first full-fledged research centre in Bangalore. One of the major purposes of this facility was to support our efforts in developing partial substitutes for asbestos fibres.

Ruling TV and Print

After the success of the Dara Singh campaign, we continued to win hearts through our humorous print and television adverts. Explore our communication over the years for a hit of old-fashioned nostalgia.

Dara Singh Campaign: Where it all started

Nazar Uchee - TV Campaign

Waah Ye Ghar Kiska Hai (Red & Yellow Roofing) - TV Campaign

Waah Ye Ghar Kiska Hai (Green Roofing) - TV Campaign

Waah Ye Ghar Kiska hai (Yellow Roofing) - TV Campaign

Mazboot, Tikau, Fibre Fresh Technology - Yamraj TV Campiagn

Reimagine – Digital Campaign

Raho Rangeen – Digital Campaign



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