Everest ArteSeries -
Textured Wall Panels

Add a layer of sophistication and panache to your space with our ready-to-install textured wall linings. Insulate your building while retaining the inherent charm of your walls through all seasons. Our textured panels for walls are way lighter than traditional cladding, material thereby reducing the dead load on the building.

These products are eco-friendly, green-certified, efficient and futuristic. They are easier to install, thus reducing the construction period considerably. Their sleeker form also ensures they take up less space, so your floors get the space that they truly deserve.

Features and Advantages of ArteSeries - Textured Wall Panels

Explore the advantages of our unique textured panels for walls.

Weather Resistant
Superior building shield against heat, wind and rain

Fire Resistant
Superior fire performance (A2-s1-d0)

Moisture Resistant
Suitable for high moisture areas resisting mould growth

Impact Resistant
Durable cladding capable of high-impact endurance

Termite Proof
Everest wall panels are 100% termite-free

Look of timeless wood without environmental impact

Applications of Everest’s Textured Panels for Walls

Bring your project alive with our unique wall lining textures.

ArteSeries - Textured wall panels - Technical Details

ArteSeries Textured Wall Panel
ArteSeries Textured Wall Panel
ArteSeries Textured Wall Panel: Brick
ArteSeries Textured Wall Panel: Crumpled
ArteSeries Textured Wall Panel: Miral
ArteSeries Textured Wall Panel: Sand Slate
ArteSeries Textured Wall Panel: Brick ArteSeries Textured Wall Panel: Crumpled ArteSeries Textured Wall Panel: Miral ArteSeries Textured Wall Panel: Sand Slate
Description Unit Standard ArteSeries- Textured Wall Panels
Product Dimensions mm   2440 X 1220 in 6mm thickness
Type   IS 14862:2000 A
Category   IS 14862:2000 3
Apparent Density kg/m3 ASTM C 1185 >1230
Modulus of Rupture (in wet condition) MPa ASTM C 1185 >8
Thermal Conductivity at 50°C (Mean Temperature) W/mk ASTM C 518 0.2
Moisture Resistance Properties   IS 14862:2000 Moisture Resistant


Fire Resistance Properties
Reaction to Fire EN 13501: Part-1 A2-s1-d0*
Combustibility BS 476- Part IV Non-Combustible
Fire Propagation Index BS-476, Part VI Pass
Surface Spread of Flame BS-476, Part VII Class 1- Doesn’t Spread Fire
*Non Combustible with no smoke and no fire droplets

Our Textured Wall Panel Projects

Watch our wall board panels in action.

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What textures are available in ArteSeries Textured Wall Panels?

ArteSeries textured panels for walls are available in a grey finish with four distinct textures ─ Miral, Brick, Sandslate, and Crumpled.

Does Everest ArteSeries Textured Wall Panels replace natural stone?

Arteseries textured panels for walls are stone textured wall panels that can be used to imitate natural stone. They are suitable for both exterior and interior cladding and wall lining.

Is the product ready to be installed?

Yes, the boards come ready to install. They come in a grey finish and, once installed with counter-sunk head screws, are primed and painted to get the desired finish.

Can these boards be painted or polished?

Everest textured panels for walls can be painted in whatever shade one desires. Any metallic shade can give a realistic rendition of rock. They can also polished as per your project requirements.

How thick should textured wood panels be?

ArteSeries Textured Wall Panels are 6 mm thick. This is the ideal thickness for textured panels as it lends durability to the structure without compromising on floor space.


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