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In today’s technologically demanding environment, a micro-particle can cause a great deal of trouble. For instance, a speck of dust or an airborne micro-organism could cause a risk to patient safety in a hospital, or security risk at a data center.

Everest BioClean is a complete, maintenance-free clean room panel for antimicrobial applications. Along with its incredible, antimicrobial performance, this clean room ceiling is an ideal product for critical spaces where bacterial, mould, fungal, or microbial activities are evident. With the strength of fibre cement at its base, BioClean shows superior performance in comparison to mineral fibre, calcium silicate or any other clean room ceiling tile. Get the ultimate peace of mind with BioClean antimicrobial ceilings.

Features and Advantages of BioClean Clean Room Panels

Keep your space protected with our innovative clean room ceilings.

99.9% microbe kill rate in 24 hours

ISO 4 Certified
Class 10 certification ensures lesser particulate emission

Light Reflectance
Brighter space, >93% light reflectance

Humidity Resistance
Our clean room ceilings are 99% RH

Sag Resistant
Doesn't sag even in moist conditions

Low Maintenence
10 years warranty on anti-sagging and anti-microbial property

Applications of Everest BioClean Clean Room Panels

Secure your space against outside pollutants with our antimicrobial ceilings.

BioClean: Antimicrobial Ceiling - Technical Details

Anti-microbial BioClean Ceiling
Anti-microbial BioClean Ceiling
Description Unit Standard Bioclean
Product Dimensions mm   595 X 595 in 6mm thickness
Type   IS 14862:2000 A
Category   IS 14862:2000 3
Microbe Kill Rate     Upto 99.9% in 24 hours
ISO     4 (Class 10)
Light Reflectance %   >93
Sag resistant     +/- 1mm deflection per tile from normal at equilibrium
Humidity Resistance     99%RH
Modulus of Rupture (dry) MPa ASTM C 1185 >10
Thermal Conductivity at 50°C (Mean Temperature) W/mk ASTM C 518 0.2


Fire Resistance Properties
Reaction to Fire EN 13501: Part-1 A2-s1-d0*
*Non Combustible with no smoke and no fire droplets

BioClean Clean Room Panel Projects

Watch our clean room ceilings in action.

Clean room panels used in laboratory | Everest Industries
Clean room panels used in hospital room| Everest Industries

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Is the usage of Everest BioClean restricted to only hospitals and laboratories?

BioClean’s usage can be extended to any space where you require a clean room panels. Its anti-microbial properties make it ideal for data centres, server rooms, the food industry, and manufacturing units.

Is Everest BioClean installation any different from conventional grid ceiling installation?

BioClean clean room panels installation remains the same as conventional clean room ceiling grid installation.

Can Everest BioClean tiles be painted?

No, Everest BioClean clean room panels should not be painted as this may contaminate the antimicrobial ceiling.

How often must a clean room be certified?

Clean room testing usually happens annually or bi-annually. It depends on your industry and individual circumstances.

How are cleanrooms classified?

Clean room classification depends on the cleanliness level of the air inside the controlled environment. It adheres to ISO standards.


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