DuraCeil - Concealed Ceiling

Outperform gypsum and mineral-based ceilings with the unmatched performance of Everest DuraCeil. This fibre cement board ceiling is ideal for wet areas and commercial applications, and masks utility and plumbing lines with ease. The concealed ceiling is ready to install and can be painted in any colour of your choice. Experience exceptional ceiling performance with Everest DuraCeil.

Features and Advantages of Fibre Cement Ceiling Boards

Our fibre board ceilings enjoy a host of unique features that set them apart from gypsum and mineral-based ceilings.

Sag Resistant
Everest fibre board ceilings do not sag even in moist conditions

Moisture Resistant
Suitable for high moisture areas resisting mould growth

Fire Resistant
Superior fire performance (A2-s1-d0)

Termite Proof
Our concealed ceilings are 100% termite-free

Low Maintenence
Long life, does not require painting

Easy to Install
Maintenance-free grid ceiling installation

Applications of Everest DuraCeil

Explore how you can bring our fibre board ceilings to life.

DuraCeil: Concealed Ceiling - Technical Details

DuraCeil Ceiling solutions for commercial spaces
DuraCeil Ceiling solutions for commercial spaces
Description Unit Standard DuraCeil
Product Dimensions mm   595 x 595 | 610 x 610 in 4 and 6 mm thickness
Type   IS 14862:2000 B
Category   IS 14862:2000 3
Apparent Density kg/m3 ASTM C 1185 >1200
Modulus of Rupture (dry) MPa ASTM C 1185 >10
Thermal Conductivity at 50°C (Mean Temperature) W/mk ASTM C 518 0.2


Fire Resistance Properties
Reaction to Fire EN 13501: Part-1 A2-s1-d0*
Combustibility BS 476- Part IV Non-Combustible
Fire Propagation Index BS-476, Part VI Pass
Surface Spread of Flame BS-476, Part VII Class 1- Doesn’t Spread Fire
*Non Combustible with negligible smoke and no fire droplets

DuraCeil Projects

Watch our concealed ceilings in action.

Portfolio 01
Portfolio 01
Portfolio 01

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Can DuraCeil be painted?

Yes, DuraCeil fibre board ceilings can be painted with any colour of your choice.

Is Duraceil water resistant?

It is a fibre cement-based material and has moisture-resistant and anti-sagging properties. Hence it can be used for wet areas like washrooms, bathrooms, lavatories etc, and for masking utility and plumbing lines

Are there any textures available in DuraCeil?

Currently, DuraCeil only provides non-textured surfaces. We have a separate range of ArteSeries Designer ceilings and walls consisting of various textures.


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