SuperHD Fibre Cement Board: The Ultimate Solution for Moisture Resistance

Highlights Introduction  Understanding the Superiority of Everest Super HD  Why Super HD is the Best Alternative  Applications of Super HD Boards  Conclusion  Introduction: Understanding the Superiority of Everest Super HD In the world of construction and interior design, moisture resistance is a critical factor that influences the longevity and durability of materials. Introducing SuperHD Board […]

The Future of PEB Warehousing – PEB v/s Traditional | Everest Industries

Highlights 1. Understanding The Future of PEB Warehousing  2. Why are PEB Warehouses, the Future?  a. Large markets for PEB in India b. Technology Trends   c. Truly Versatile d. Ease of Maintenance     3. PEB vs Traditional Warehouse – Which is better?  Understanding The Future of PEB Warehousing Gone are the days of […]

Everest NextGen: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Architecture 

Highlights 1. Introduction – What is Everest Next Gen 2. Why Sustainable Architecture?  3. How is Everest Championing the Sustainable Construction Cause?  4. What’s in store for the NextGen Architects?  5. Unveiling Winners  Introduction – What is Everest Next Gen Everest NextGen is our newest initiative designed to spotlight and celebrate the work of passionate architects, […]

Scaling News Walls – Everest Rapicon Walls

Rapicon Project - Everest Boards & Panels

FROM TOP Perfect choice for offices, these engineered sandwich panels offer fire resistance, sound insulation and superior thermal insulation; Rapicon Walls are made of lightweight FRACC encased in asbestos-free fibre cement board. In today’s rapidly evolving lifestyle where everything is just a click away and the processing time has reduced drastically, the construction industry is […]

Everest Industries Won Prestigious Iconic Brand of India 2023

Everest - An Iconic Brand of India

Brand Story Everest has played a pivotal role in the history of the building material industry in India for the past 89 years, it offers a wide array of roofing, ceiling, wall, flooring, cladding solutions, and pre-engineered steel buildings. The brand’s inception was driven by a commitment to delivering “Strength, Speed, and Safety” to the […]

Everest Industries: Pioneering Sustainable Building Solutions for a Greener Future

The construction industry has a significant impact on the environment around us. It accounts for a substantial portion of global resource consumption, energy usage, and greenhouse gas emissions. With the mounting environmental challenges that we are facing today, it is crucial for the construction industry to adopt sustainable practices.   Sustainable construction practices prioritise the use […]

Transforming Lives, One Home at a Time: Kerala’s LIFE Mission Programme

Undoubtedly, Kerala makes it to the top of India’s most enchanting destinations. With its lush scenic landscapes and clear waters, it’s not called God’s own country for nothing.   Not only does it boast an enchanting terrain, it also strides ahead in terms of social development. With a near 100% literacy rate, comparatively higher life expectancy, […]

Function and Form: Choosing the Right Wall Panelling for Your Space

When it comes to building the perfect home, office, or any commercial space, every detail counts. And this attention to detail needs to start from the very beginning, with the material you choose for your ceilings and walls. Gone are the days when boring, white walls were your only available option. Time and innovation have […]

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