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Transforming Lives, One Home at a Time: Kerala’s LIFE Mission Programme

October 3, 2023


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Undoubtedly, Kerala makes it to the top of India’s most enchanting destinations. With its lush scenic landscapes and clear waters, it’s not called God’s own country for nothing.  

Not only does it boast an enchanting terrain, it also strides ahead in terms of social development. With a near 100% literacy rate, comparatively higher life expectancy, and low infant mortality, Kerala seems to have it all. 

 However, these feats have not come easy. One major problem that Kerala has struggled with in recent years is a large-scale homelessness crisis. With a population density of 859 per square kilometres, and unsure land ownership, homelessness has risen as a serious challenge.  

 In 2016, the State Planning Board (SPB) estimated the number of homeless people in Kerala to stand at 4.32 lakh, of which 1.58 lakh individuals were landless. Around 44,000 were found to be living in dilapidated houses. 

 Moreover, Kerala has gone through 4 major floods since 2018, which has wreaked havoc across the state and furthered the homelessness crisis.  

 Keeping these statistics in mind, the state government launched the LIFE (Livelihood Inclusion Financial Empowerment) mission to uplift the weaker sections of society. 

Decoding Kerala’s LIFE mission

LIFE mission is an initiative taken by the state government to provide pucca (brick and cement) houses to homeless and landless residents of Kerala. This free and affordable housing scheme aims to create a ‘zero-homeless’ state and enable residents to live their lives with dignity. 

 The focus of the scheme is on four main areas: affordable housing, improving public infrastructure, strengthening agriculture and improving natural resource management. Over three lakh beneficiaries have benefited from the scheme so far, with another one lakh houses in development. The funding for this livelihood programme is being raised from different sources, including state agencies, local bodies, union government and other social sector organisations.

Prefab solutions with Everest

LIFE mission is one of the first affordable housing schemes to use prefab structures for construction, which is where we stepped in with our expertise. Out of the 1,06,000 houses to be completed this year, nine of the locations used Everest SuperHD and Multipro for their drywall application. The exterior facade of these buildings has been constructed entirely using Everest SuperHD while the internal wall lining and ceilings have been created with Everest Multipro. 

 Overall, this house development programme took xx months to complete, with a total plot area of xx sq km. Each apartment comprises a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and balcony, according to a LIFE mission spokesperson. 

 With over three lakh beneficiaries already benefiting from the scheme and more houses under construction, the LIFE mission has made commendable progress in providing secure homes to those in need. The collaboration between the state government, local bodies, social sector organisations, and construction partners showcases the collective efforts required to bring about positive change in society. 

 As Kerala continues its journey towards becoming a zero-homeless state, Everest is proud to have been a part of this story. 


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