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February 19, 2024


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FROM TOP Perfect choice for offices, these engineered sandwich panels offer fire resistance, sound insulation and superior thermal insulation; Rapicon Walls are made of lightweight FRACC encased in asbestos-free fibre cement board.

In today’s rapidly evolving lifestyle where everything is just a click away and the processing time has reduced drastically, the construction industry is going through a similar metamorphosis. Traditional construction methods, notorious for their water-intensive nature, face challenges in a world grappling with water scarcity. Here, Rapicon Walls by Everest proves its prowess by offering a groundbreaking solution that not only accelerates construction but also addresses environmental concerns. Composed of
lightweight FRACC encased in asbestos free fibre cement boards, Rapicon Walls have become the architects’ choice for the efficiency and effectiveness it brings along. These pre-engineered sandwich panels boast a remarkable fourfold increase in erection speed compared to conventional brick walls. The construction process not only gains momentum but also witnesses a substantial reduction in costs. Beyond efficiency.

Rapicon Walls bring a host of advantages to the table. They are not merely lightweight; they offer fire resistance, sound insulation, and superior thermal insulation — qualities that contribute to energy efficiency and, consequently, reduced operational costs for commercial spaces. From internal and external walls in commercial spaces to government and defence projects, these walls can be used in diverse settings. Prefab housing needs, including site offices, labour accommodations and warehouses, are met with utmost efficiency. Additionally,  Everest Rapicon Walls prove to be an ideal choice for rooftop extensions in residential spaces, showcasing their adaptability across various construction scenarios. Everest Rapicon Walls have not just constructed physical barriers but have broken down barriers to traditional construction methods, bringing benefits to the ever-evolving world of construction.

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