Britannia Industries Limited, Tirunelveli

The 7 buildings required for this project faced many challenges such as the coordination and execution of the project from multiple teams across different locations. Debris and stagnation of water due to heavy rains at the site also posed numerous challenges.

Considering the humid and sweltering conditions in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, it was the Everest team's responsibility to deliver the project in accordance with these key parameters. The task was to make the rusk and biscuit manufacturing facility, a greenfield integrated project. The thermal performance of the building was enhanced by packing the interior walls with double-skin insulated materials. Exquisite ventilation facilities were set up through proper air-change systems. The selection of natural lighting systems helped maintain a proper lighting balance to maximize aesthetics and performance. To keep the roof leakproof, special flashings were used to cover all openings. A collaborative effort between the consultant and design team led to the completion of all client requirements.

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