Central Vista Avenue, Delhi

Central Vista was largely revamped due to the relocation of 27 age-old Defence offices to newly constructed complexes. To develop the 'Executive Enclave' of the project, the whole cantonment required a move to Central Vista within a very short time frame. Dry Construction was chosen for such an urgent need, resulting in minimal damage to the environment.

Everest constructed a sustainable and eco-friendly building design by providing an insulated cover to the building for the construction of 12 G+7 buildings at Africa Avenue and K G Marg in the Defense Office Complex project in New Delhi. This cutting-edge technology ensured its longevity for 100+ years.

Through new-age building construction solutions like the drywall system, Everest was able to overcome the challenges of the G-7 building structure and the expansive area located in the center of the city.

Everest boards have better sound insulation, and fire resistance, and provide faster construction. This massive project was completed in a record time of 240 days.

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