Everest Infrastructure Building Solutions

From towering infrastructural solutions for airports to bustling (Metro & Railway stations), watch your vision come to life with Everest’s Infrastructure Building Solutions. Reduce your construction timelines with our high-quality offsite manufacturing and streamline your processes with our custom-made solutions.

We’re committed to delivering infrastructure that is not only efficient and durable but also a testament to innovation in construction. With specialised designs that ensure architectural versatility and robustness, we ensure that your projects are built to meet the highest quality standards.

Our End-to-End Infrastructure Building Solutions

Explore the role Everest Industries plays as a PEB manufacturer for infrastructural projects.


Our expert design team kicks off the project by creating customised pre-engineered building solutions tailored to your project's unique requirements.


With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we craft PEB components to precision, ensuring superior quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness.


Our skilled installation teams ensure the seamless assembly of PEB structures on-site, delivering projects on time and within budget.

Project Management

Our dedicated project management experts oversee every aspect of your PEB project, from initial planning to final handover, ensuring smooth execution.

Why Choose Our Infrastructure Building Solutions?

Everest offers Infrastructure solutions for Airports, Metro Station, Railway Station, Bridges etc. The expert engineering and production team of Everest are capable of handling complex infrastructure projects. Driven by speed and led by latest technology, our solutions are aimed at building the projects that are critical for growth of the country.

Our Clientele


Elements and Application of Our Infrastructure Building Solutions

Here are the different components of PEBs and their application in infrastructure buildings.

Aircraft Hangers
Parking Sheds Frames
Multistorey Building Frames
Support frames – Silos, Tanks, Vessels
Metro & Railway Shed
Elements and applications of Everest Industries PEB solutions for infrastructure buildings

Our Infrastructural Building Construction Projects

From blueprints to reality, explore how we’re building tomorrow's infrastructure today.

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Can PEBs be customised to incorporate specialised features and equipment, such as acoustic insulation, lighting systems, or deck flooring, for infrastructure buildings?

PEBs offer a high degree of customisation. They can be designed and engineered to incorporate a wide range of specialised features and equipment, including acoustic insulation, advanced lighting systems, deck flooring, and more. This flexibility allows infrastructure buildings to meet specific functional and environmental requirements while maintaining the benefits of PEB construction.

Does the use of PEBs in infrastructure projects contribute to shorter construction timelines and faster project delivery?

PEBs are known for their efficiency and speed of construction. The use of pre-engineered components and efficient assembly processes often results in significantly shorter construction timelines compared to traditional construction methods. This speed can translate into faster project delivery, reducing costs and allowing infrastructure projects to be completed more swiftly.

Can PEBs be designed to meet specific seismic requirements for infrastructure buildings located in earthquake-prone areas?

Yes, PEBs can be designed to meet specific seismic requirements. The structural design of PEBs can be engineered to withstand seismic forces and adhere to local building codes in earthquake-prone regions. By utilising advanced engineering techniques and materials, PEBs can provide the necessary seismic resistance to ensure the safety and durability of infrastructure buildings in such areas.

Does the design flexibility of PEBs allow for the incorporation of unique architectural features and iconic designs in infrastructure projects?

PEBs can easily be adapted to incorporate unique architectural features and iconic designs. This can be an immense help in projects that require infrastructural solutions for airports and malls. Whether it's distinctive facades, innovative roofing solutions, or other architectural elements, PEBs can be customised to reflect the desired aesthetic and design requirements of infrastructural projects.


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