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Everest’s Commitment to Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability

July 8, 2024


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  1. Introduction 
  2. Prioritizing Safety & The Environment  
  3. Common Management System 
  4. Environment
  5. Everest EHS footprint


Everest is leading the way in promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing solutions as the need for sustainable building materials grows globally. Safety, health, and environmental stewardship are at the heart of our operations and go beyond our products. We strongly believe the EHS culture is top-driven.

Prioritizing Safety and the Environment

The well-being of our workers and their families is paramount. We foster a culture of awareness and readiness through comprehensive training programs on fire safety and occupational health. Pre-job safety briefings are standard to address controls, risks and hazards.

Key Approaches

1. Failsafe Approach

By removing risks and hazards, our fail-safe approach process guarantees safety even in the case of system breakdowns.

2. Lockout Tagout Try & Test out (LOTOTO) 

To avoid unintentional harm during maintenance, the LOTOTO system makes sure that all mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems are turned off.

3. Digitization:

Implementing water and energy monitoring systems.

4. Incident Management:

We have effective event management procedures in place, such as incident reporting, round-the-clock plant communication, brainstorming sessions with all relevant teams and one-pager reviewing and analyzing events to learn from them at town hall meetings.

5. Interlocking system :

To guarantee that safety is maintained, our limit switches, interlocks and automatic machine guarding all provide an additional degree of protection. We also do an interlock using both functioning and pollution-control devices.

6. Thought-based EHS culture with top top-down approach:

We firmly believe that meaningful improvement is achieved through a clear alignment of priorities and a unified thought system. To foster this alignment, we drive initiatives such as leadership talks and walkthroughs, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and moving towards common goals.

Common management system

1. Emergency Preparedness and Response

Every plant has an emergency plan. As part of our assessment for disaster readiness, we are performing a simulated drill exercise.

2. Percolation of EHS Management System through improving accessibility

By employing technology to make the EHS management system quickly accessible, we hope to increase its permeation.

3. Setting ground rule on EHS

We have created a cardinal rule for risk mitigation that could save lives. We work hard to raise awareness of it and encourage staff members to follow it.

Our Steps Towards Environment

1. Environmental stewardship

The cornerstone of our business is environmental sustainability. We are employing sustainable raw resources in our manufacturing process, such as fly ash and pulp from other businesses. In addition, we have a unit for reusing immediately deformed items.

2. Energy Efficiency

We promise to employ renewable energy projects to lessen our carbon impact because we believe in energy efficiency.

3. Environmental Monitoring and Testing Lab

Testing plays a crucial role in our production process. We have established a dedicated Environmental Monitoring Laboratory to track important factors. This lab is crucial for monitoring significant factors associated with risks and hazards at work.

4. Environmental cutting-edge monitoring

By using computerized water and energy monitoring devices to track usage in real-time, we are effectively utilizing this invaluable resource.

Everest EHS footprint

Everest, a recipient of the prestigious National EHS Award alongside Greentech and Apex, actively participates in significant national forums such as OHS India, HSC Strategy India, the Business Citizen Conclave and CII.

These engagements highlight our commitment to safety and business excellence. To sum up, Everest’s inventive approach to sustainable manufacturing exemplifies our steadfast dedication to environmental preservation, safety and continuous improvement.

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