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Evercool – A Must Have Roofing Solution for Your Poultry Farm

May 27, 2024


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  • Introduction 
  • Must Have Requirements for your Poultry Farms 
  • Location parameters for building a Poultry farm 
  • Evercool Cement Sheets: The Best Roofing Solution for Poultry Farms 
  • Conclusion  


Upgrading existing buildings or crafting new constructions to meet the highest standards isn’t just a mere handshake with progress. Moreover, it’s like planting a seed for the future, reaping long-lasting benefits for birds’ & chickens’ health and higher productivity.

Must-Have Requirements for Your Poultry Farms

Health and Performance: Good hygiene practices in poultry farm buildings are necessary to avoid bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections in birds and humans. To maintain your birds health, make sure to keep the floors clean and dry, and provide your birds with plenty of fresh air and sunshine.  

Location Parameteres When Building a Poultry Farm


When choosing a location for your poultry farm, you need to take care of some crucial points. 

  • It should be 500 m from the residential zone to avoid odor and flies. 
  • It should be 100 m from major water bodies like rivers, lakes, canals, and drinking water sources like wells, and summer storage tanks to avoid contamination.
  • It should be 100 m from the National Highway (NH) and 50 m from the State Highway.
  • Poultry farms must not be located within 10 meters of the farm boundary to allow for cross ventilation and odour dispersion.

Adequate Space:

Make sure to provide your birds with plenty of room to move around and interact with each other. The land size of building poultry farms varies depending on the scale and type of business. It may be a 4000 sq ft area with an additional 2000 sq ft for other infrastructural needs. Or even bigger area requirements for building poultry for large-scale businesses. Also, do remember, too much crowding can lead to aggression and disease. Therefore, it impacts your birds. 

Appropriate Roofing:

A good roof is like a cold blanket on a warm summer day for your poultry. It is essential to keep them comfortable and protected from the outside elements. And when it comes to choosing the right roof for your poultry farmEverest is the brand, you can trust.  

Evercool Cement Sheets: The Best Roofing Solution for Poultry Farms

Temperature variation in India is a common problem. So, after a lot of research and testing process, Everest launched its cool roof solution to combat temperature differences. Evercool, roof cooling sheet are an ideal solution for poultry farm building. Today, most poultry farm owners are switching to this cool roof for their poultry welfare. This roofing solution is the best fit for temperature variations. The roof lowers the temperature up to 7 degrees Celsius from the outside temperature.  

To know more about the best roofing solution https://everestind.com/roofing/evercool  


In the world of poultry welfare, a healthy roof is a must-have necessity, and Everest’s roofing solutions are the best option at hand. Evercool Roofing Sheets are designed to meet these needs, making them the best choice for your poultry farm.  So, don’t just shelter your poultry; pamper them with some extra care, because when it comes to your hennery, Everest’s got your back and your roof.  Enquire Now at www.everestind.com/roofing/contact-us , To get a quote of the best roofing solution for your poultry farms.

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