Goa Shipyard

Rising with the Nation

“The professional approach of Everest has always been commendable for any project. The experts from Everest execute it with thorough understanding and detailing. For every challenge, as in the case of Goa Shipping yard, the team of Everest made some great suggestions which resulted in reduction of fabrication, shipment and erection time. It’s great to see the unconventional techniques and methods of Everest that land to successful completion of project. I would like to congratulate Everest for successful completion of the project and wish them the best for the future.”

Everest is one of India’s fastest growing complete building solutions company. The Pre-engineered Buildings division of the company has successfully delivered more than 2000 PEB structure in last half a decade across the country for large as well as scale manufacturing and infrastructure companies. Today Everest ships out one Pre-engineered Building every day from its manufacturing facilities in Gujrat and Uttarakhand.

Continuing its commitment to deliver speed, strength and safety. Everest has recently delivered one of India’s tallest PEB buildings- the Goa Shipyard. Goa shipyard needed expansion and modernization. The modernization plan included expansion of the yard size by 2.12 lakh sq. ft. Once again, Everest’s efficient planning and execution helped avoid cost overruns and unnecessary delays and the project was completed within the promised timeframe.

The Challenge

  • Costal construction with high wind and severe Goa monsoon
  • Limited on-site storage area leaving no room for keeping material stock at site
  • A running shipyard and a defence establishment with restricted access and highest level of onsite security need.

The Solution

  • Coordination with multiple agencies for design, erection and commissioning ensuring full kitting
  • Synchronization of production planning and logistic planning
  • Meticulous planning for sequesntial delivery of material onsite
  • In-factory drilling and welding for more than 0.5 million bolts with surgical precision to avoid onsite job
  • 5 layer specialized paint system used for painting the structure to limit impact of coastal weather
  • Speicalized equipments like cranes of above 200 MT capacity used with precision for erection


  • Delivered one of India’s tallest PEB structures with height of 49 meters and wind load capacity of 50 m/s.
  • A structure that houses 4 cranes of 80 MT capacity totaling 320 MT at a height of 49 m.
  • A structure with 4 times the column weight of an average PEB building.