100% Roofing

Everest Hi-Tech promises the beauty of metal and strength of cement. It is a unique product manufactured in India with American Technology. It is corrugated cement roofing sheet reinforced with a blend of strong factory-made which makes your roof high impact resistant.

Everest Hi-Tech ensures superior comfort and protection from the weather elements like sun, wind and rain. It ensures a comfortable working environment by reducing the internal temperature of the building and also ensuring low or no noise during heavy rainfall. Everest Hi-tech has an extremely long life and does not corrode, dent or deform with time.

Everest Hi-Tech can be used in all manufacturing and export oriented units, warehouses and modern factory sheds.



Low Maintenance Cost



Weather Resistance


Protection and Comfort

Areas of Application

  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Export Units
  • Warehouses