Everest Foundation

Lakhamapur village, Nashik

Ms. Sunita Mogal, 35 years is an ideal Anganwadi teacher in the Lakhamapur village. In 2015 Everest Foundation in association with Salaam Mumbai Foundation initiated Tobacco Control Program in Lakhmapur village, Sunita took part in the program and made herself aware about the Ill effects of Tobacco use. Sunita used to conduct parent meetings once in a month apart from her routine work. One day pregnant Karuna Kandhu approached her and asked suggestions on nutritional food to be taken during the pregnancy. she came to know that Karuna Kandhu is consuming tobacco for a long time and her first baby is malnourished while she is second time pregnant.

Sunita explained her how tobacco consumed in her pregnancy period is affecting her child. Karuna understood the pros and cons and decided to quit the tobacco. Sunita paid visits 3 times to Karuna’s home and guided her continuously.

After three months, Karuna gave birth to a normal child. Now Karuna does not consume tobacco at all and whenever she conducts parents meetings, She always spoke on tobacco issue and its ill effects.