Everest Foundation

Mr. Nilesh Shinde from Nifad block of Nashik took the initiative to bring about a change. He made his school tobacco-free and also changed the mind-set of his villagers about the consequences of tobacco consumption.

Mr. Shinde got motivated during a workshop on Ill effects of Tobacco Consumption organized by Everest Foundation along with Salaam Mumbai Foundation and decided to use the learnings from the workshop to make his school tobacco free. He first initiated the movement in his school and after few months of regular activities, his school was declared tobacco free.

There after he trained all the teachers to spread this message in their villages. Mr.Shinde also invited and requested everyone to undergo oral health check up by doctors. He himself counseled the villagers to quit tobacco. 5 villagers reportedly became tobacco free.

Mr. Shinde continued on his mission in making his village tobacco-free. Till now, he has motivated 20 youth and villagers to quit tobacco.