Smart Walls

Build faster than brickwork!

Say goodbye to brickwork with Everest Smart Walls!

Introducing Everest Smart Walls that gives you the speed and convenience to build faster and more easy than brickwork!

A blend of hollow drywall and solid partition, these are non-load bearing partition walls. This solution provides the solidarity of brickwork and flexibility of drywall to accommodate all plumbing, electrical and other services. A dry system comprising light gauge steel frames, high density fibre cement boards and then filled with lightweight concrete, Everest Smart Walls can be used to divide various spaces such as room to room, room to toilet, room to kitchen and so on.

Everest Smart Walls are lightweight, slim, solid, faster-to-erect and eco-friendly solution to replace brickwork and blockwork. More importantly, these allow you to build without the hassle of chiseling which is required in brickwork.

Perfect for the quick pace of contemporary design, Everest Smart Walls are ideal as internal partitions in high rise buildings, residences, retirement homes, hotels, resorts and offices.

Everest Smart Walls. The Future Way to Build!


Eliminates time consuming activities like plastering and POP punning and provides surface ready for painting.

Space saving rooms thus more carpet area.

Strong walls thus less maintenance of walls.

Requires just 10% water of brickwork thus saving water. Good solution for water scarce areas

GL coating ensures no corrosion, which results in enhanced durability.

Highly yield strength ensures good impact strength.


  • Interior space partitions for residential buildings
  • Commercial areas

Physical Specifications

  • Size- 2440X1220 mm
  • Thickness- 15 mm
  • Weight- 21.37 kg/m2
  • Edge Profile- Square