Roof Tile underlay

Roof Tile Underlay.

Moisture-Seal your Roof

The design, specifications and installation of the roofing underlay have a critical effect on the building moisture management system. Ideally, it should allow water vapor to pass through freely, thus preventing water penetration into the building structure and insulation.

Areas of Application

  • Residential Buildings
  • Villas
  • Resorts
  • Farmhouses


  • Does not retain moisture under any circumstance and is thus suitable for all weather conditions. Holds accumulated condensation formed overnight on the underside of roofing materials, while releasing it as vapor during the day
  • Due to their superior moisture resistance properties, Everest FCBs act as a secondary layer of protection, should the roofing material allow water egress
  • Manages construction moisture and allows the building structure to stay fully dry
  • Reduces dust infiltration
  • These high-quality boards are mechanically strong enough to reduce wind-loading and pressure fluctuations within the building
  • Everest FCBs, due to their moderately high density, offer good insulation Sound reduction can be further improved with suitable construction/specifications.