Rapicon Walls

4X Faster than Brickwork!

Everest Rapicon Walls are revolutionary drywall system that lets you build 4 times faster than traditional construction while maintaining the solid effect of a conventional brick or block wall. Rapicon Walls comprises of sandwich panels made of Fibre Reinforced Aerated cement concrete and Everest Wall Boards. The unique tongue and groove joint system facilitates rapid construction and maximizes space utilization.

Advantages of Rapicon Walls

4 times faster than brickwork

Saves times and cost

Strength and robustness – Severe duty panels

Lightweight with only 1/4th the weight of brick wall

Sound Insulation of 40dB

Fire Rating > 2 hours

3% to 5% additional space than traditional construction

Areas of Applications

  • Internal walls- residential
  • Commercial
  • industrial warehouses
  • Factories
  • Pre-fabricated shelter - internal
  • External walls

Finishing choices available

Rapicon Walls are compatible with a range of surface finishes such as paint, veneer, texture coating and wallpaper to enhance the look of your spaces.

Technical and physical specifications

  • Available thickness: 7.5mm
  • Available sizes: 150x3000 mm/ 25x3000mm/ 1200x600mm