Super Border

Get rid of all the exhaustive looks; transform your house into the dream house with Everest Super Border


Looks like wood, works like Everest Super Border

Wooden Eaves are being used as decorative item since ancient times, across the world. In India Eaves binds different cultures from “Kashmir to Kaniyakumari”. Its use at different “Holy places” from Church to Tempel to Masjid” binds people too. Without any doubt Eaves have “Class”, Eaves have “History”. But, over the years its use has seen decline due to its dependence on the seasonal wood. Wooden Eaves means many problems like its scarce, not economical, needs high maintenance, prone to termites, combustible, actually not durable.

BUT…. One solution to all these problems is with Everest Super Border

Everest Super Border is the blend of Innovation, Class, Style, Trends’, Design, Aesthetics that brings the perfect Décor at your Door Steps!!

Everest Super Border offers a spectacular wood work, aesthetic design with the exceptional durability of fibre cement boards. Everest Super Border is just simply the best decorative material for enhancing your home.


  • Everest Super Border are highly a decorative part of an architectural style.
  • Everest Super Border are designed in considering the Aesthetics, traditional style.
  • It’s purely decorative considerations prevail over the strictly functional requirements of the eaves.


  • The Super Border  form an overhang to throw water clear of the walls
  • It control solar penetration as a form of passive solar building design
  • It hides the purlin


  • 12mm x 200x1800mm
  • 12mmx150x1800mm
  • 10mmx200x1800mm
  • 10mmx150x1800mm


Termite Proof

Water resistant

Fire resistant

Low Maintenance

Weather proof

Flexible to all colors


Environmental friendly

Areas of Application