Heavy Duty Boards

Less = More

Whenever your concern is durability, strength and prolonged exposure to weathering elements like sun, rain and UV rays, think of Everest Heavy Duty Boards!

With less thickness and maintenance, Everest Heavy Duty Boards help create both internal and external load-bearing walls and floors that are more and with increased impact resistance and dimensional stability make these appropriate for applications in commercial to industrial to residential projects. Easily combined with a wide variety of surface finishes like laminates, ceramic/ vitreous tiles, paints and render, etc. Everest Heavy Duty Boards truly exemplify the value of getting more with less!



Resistant to weather conditions

High MOR in dry & wet conditions

Resistance to external wind pressure

Low K-Value provides insulation

Non-combustible with class A fire


Areas of Application

  • Façade/Cladding
  • Wet Area
  • as Floor Substrate
  • Partitions

Technical and physical specifications

  • Size- 2440X1220 mm
  • Thickness- 6/9/12/15mm
  • Apparent density- >1430kg/m3
  • MOR- >14Mpa