Wall Boards

Walls that stand the ultimate test of time.
Everest Wall Boards are synonymous with quick, hassle-free wall solutions. They are made using the revolutionary HPSC technology which makes them completely moisture, termite and fire resistant. Everest Wallboard in combination with different substrate framework like timber, steel and aluminium, offer unique advanced dry wall constructions, which leverage space utilization to the maximum with substantial savings on time. Architects prefer to use them as they offer flexibility when it comes to changing designs, besides being durable and maintenance free. Being maintenance free and highly durable, Everest Wall Boards provide both uniform gap/groove and monolithic jointless finish (using specially made bevel- edged, PRS boards). These wall systems allow finishng options with paints, veneers, wall paper etc., to help create the walls of your dreams in an instant

Providing Finishes of your choice


Type of Finish Material
Painting- Interior Primer:Water based Acrylic cement
Painting - Interior Paint: Acrylic Emulsion or Oil bound Distemper (OBD)
Painting- Exterior Primer: Water based acrylic cement or resin based epoxy
Painting- Exterior Paint: Elastomeric or Enamel or Polyurethane on Texture paint
Wall paper/ Veneer PVA based Adhesives
Polish Lacquer, Melamine, Polyurethane



Everest Wall board - Your Perfect Choice


Feature Everest Wall boards Plywood / Particle board Cement bonded particle board Gypsum board AC board Calcium board
Strength Excellent Good Good Poor Good Poor
Fire Resistance Good Poor Good Good Good Good
Termite Resistance Good Poor Good Good Good Good
Moisture Resistance Good Poor Good Poor Good Good
Durability Excellent Poor Average Poor Good Average
Weight Moderate Light Heavy Moderate Heavy Moderate
Workability Medium Good Medium Good Poor Medium
Cost Medium Medium Medium Medium Low Medium
Environment Friendly Excellent Poor Good Poor Poor Good