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Fibre Cement Boards


Everest Fibre Cement Board is a versatile green material, the best substitute to natural wood and wood based products. The product simplicity and embedded beauty with added resistance against moisture, fire and termite makes Fibre Cement Boards a perfect green material. This contemporary green building material is suitable for all modern and conventional constructions, and contributes in earning significant LEED points towards green building certification.


Everest Fibre Cement Boards (FCB) are the most preferred construction material for all kinds of projects owing to their exemplary characteristics like superior thermal insulation making them ideal for extreme climatic conditions. They do not ignite when exposed to direct flames and have a fire rating of up to 2 hours. Everest Fibre Cement Boards have an NRC of over 0.50db which helps them absorb sound and reduce noise levels. The boards are moisture resistant and prevent water seepages and warping in homes and offices. Everest Fibre Cement Boards can be used for Internal as well as external application from Ceilings to Floors, from Walls to Claddings.


Everest range of Fibre Cement Boards is manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of Portland cement, treated cellulose fibres, finely ground silica quartz and other selected mineral fillers in a state-of-the-art unit using sophisticated, digitally controlled processes. Cement acts as a hydraulic binder and the cellulose fibres interlock with the cement and quartz matrices to add strength to the boards. No asbestos is used during the entire process, making Everest products 100% asbestos-free and environment friendly.