Superior Attributes


Our Fibre Cement Boards (FCB) are the most preferred construction material for all kinds of projects owing to their exemplary characteristics. Apart from being cost-effective, the material provides the ease and flexibility to create projects without hampering your imagination.

FCB, when introduced into sustainable building systems, makes them energy efficient.

The superior thermal insulation properties of these boards make them ideal for extreme climatic conditions.

They do not ignite when exposed to direct flames and have a fire rating of up to 2 hours.

FCB have an NRC of over 0.50db which helps them absorb sound and reduce noise levels.

The boards are moisture resistant and prevent water seepages and warping in homes and offices.

The cement boards do not cave under heavy rain, sandstorm or other weathering forces, making them highly durable.

FCB are termite proof. This ensures that walls remain unharmed for years to come.