Designer Wall Boards

Capture your creativity and imagination within four walls.
Design plays a vital role in creating the ambience of an office, retail space or a home. These wall boards help do just that. An array of aesthetic designs adds character and vibrancy to every space that they are used in. Besides being great to look at, they are also durable, strong and resistant to fire, termites and moisture. Self-embossed, pre-primered and ready to paint, these wall boards are fodder for the imagination as you can get them whatever colour and finish you desire, making them the perfect wall solution for residential, commercial and institutional use.
Everest designer wall boards can be painted orpolished in a variety of finishes.
These environment-friendly designer wall boards with flexibility ofvarious finishing optionshelp designersand architects to create a unique space character.
Areas of Application
Internal walls - Half Height / ful Height
Internal wall - Lining / paneling
Pre-fabricated shelter - Internal / External walls
Wall Lining - to cover damp / seepage prone walls 

Providing Finishes of your Choice

Polish, Paint, Laminate, Ceramic / vitreous tiles, render


Type of Finish Material
Painting- Interior Paint: Acrylic Emulsion or Oil Bound Distemper (OBD )
Painting- Exterior Paint: Elastomeric or Enamel or Polyurethane on Texture paint
Polish Lacquer, Melamine, Polyurethane